___ Iurii Voronkov ____
Мария Христофоровна (Эстония)  -    316
original name Юрий Павлович Воронков (middle real code Mikhail Andreevich Gromov)

Weare looking for a citizen of Russia and Moldova, born on October 30, 1979, was born and lived in Derbent (Transnistria).

Accused of tax evasion in Russia and Belarus (presumably LLC Akkreditiv).

Before receiving a Russian passport, he participated in the war against Moldova for the sake of the "Russian world". In Moldova, according to the data of 2019, data is still being collected for accusation of genocide of the Moldovan people and the initiation of a criminal case.

In Russia, he worked closely with the authorities and the Kremlin administration.

From 2018-2020, presumably lives in the USA (Florida, New York).

Looking for Estonian citizen Maria Khristoforovna and British citizen Harald Jennings.

We would like to convey that we have received the letter and would like to convey that everything is fine in Kazakhstan. Love Mary and Harald.

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